Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Welcome from East Africa Commonwealth Scholars

Welcome to the East Africa Emerging Scholars Forum blog. This forum was initiated by the first cohort from East Africa to recieve the Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships through the Institute of Education, University of London.
You may wonder - Why the broad name of East Africa Emerging Scholars? The idea is to make this an open rather than a closed blog site. By making it open, we allow many other scholars within the broader East Africa region to participate in the sharing of experiences, discussions, and debates. The blog also provides an opportunity to share career and study opportunities to the mutual benefit of all participants.
In order for you to participate, you will need to open a free Google Account. it will take just a couple of minutes to do so and the account is similar to a normal e-mail account. If you do not have the account, you can still read what others have posted but you cannot make your own contributions through postings.
Take this time to open an account if you do not have one and post you views by clicking "Follow this blog"


Adam said...

Dear Khisa.
It's great u have thought of this great stuff. Thank you so much.

Despite your attempt in para two of the introductory note, may you also clearly stipulate the terms of reference or dos n donts,to guide practice, especially in future, when it gets popular, where its normally easy to be derailed from the mission. I have no problem with informed change of directions, what i am afraid of is that we might find ourselves swayed away by the monsoon.
Lings Adam

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholars said...

Thanks Adam for this. Like I said, this is only an experiment to demonstrate the potential that a blog page can have. We of course have to agree on what we want to do with it and how we want it to function, who should participate etc. We can use this initial one to simply throw in all ideas then we can now form an official blog site. What do you think??

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholars said...

I loved your blog. You are a serious man and committed. You have really kept it updated indeed. Some great quality to learn from you.

Adam said...

thanks man for the complements. In fact we are all trying to keep abreast with the fast changing world.

I agree with the thinking behind using the blog as a platform to experimentation, meanwhile we are moving a step ahead. You know, an empty page in front of you never grows into any script, if u never scribe on it.

Let us keep moving.

It can be done. Let us all play our part.

sharriph said...

Dear All,
This is exceptional opportunity that we can communicate friendly.I really appreciate the idea. Please lets utize this potentiality.

George said...

I have had a chance to look at Lingson's Blog and it is really great. You can visit it by clicking on his photo or his name. It is such a great Blog. A lot to learn from him.