Thursday, 12 March 2009

ELDER'S REFLECTION II (13th March, 2009)

Here again, Farah Goes....
Thanks man for the great insights

Dear Scholars,

It is again with great pleasure that we make reflections together. Today marks two months of our stay in the Queen's empire. It has been great experience and a life one for that matter. May I with your humble permission make a further reflection.

We are at the epitome of our mission, clutching bags and papers, clicking the lap keyboards, crumbling academic pieces together, cruising between Adams and Bedford, Crossing Russell Square and cooking sumptous meals and crash to our bed as we pay tribute to the Almighty for the provisions and blessings

AND Lest we forget we are where we are because;
Togerther we stood united, stormed the ladders and celebrated the fruits
Together we stand to make history as the pioneers of this programme the realization of EA Scholars of CW.
Together we stand to be judged harshly if we fail to support each other, lean on a colleague for support, share resources and sail through the storm.
Together we believe .....Together we can


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George said...

Farah, I definately agree with you. It is good to remember the deeper reason as to why we are here. I believe it is to develop ourselves in order to better develop our region. I know live some that the MA or any other academic qualification will ocntribute only a small percentage to this objectives. Ultimately and especially in the development world, it is relations and the networks we develop that will achieve more for us individually and collectively.