Thursday, 12 March 2009


Thought this should not simply be wasted in or be deleted from our emails' inboxes. It reminded me of the great wisdom (i might not be so accurate though); The youths will dream while the elders will see visions (Wazee wataota ndoto, vijana wataona maono).

On Fri, 2/13/09, Farah Olad, WROTE:
Dear All,

Let me deflect your minds from Fizza's humour. Take a seat, place your feet on the floor, take a breath and relax. You are in London for a complete month. Yesterday marked the end of our first month since arrival here. The issue is to reflect on your attainments :May i enumerate a few;
Settled, kitchen space and cooking skills
Stipends and a few purchase here and there
Oyester card and London tour
Fast and crochet walk to study rooms
Academic engagements and proposal writing projections
Group activities and establishing contacts
Caplits and computer skills
Definitely we on course, but lest we forget our mission here. Reflect as individual and make plans for the remaining days and months. SET clear and achievable targets and ENSURE to leave here with a clear mind set and materials for your dissertation.



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